Selection of essays, articles & reviews:

Queen of the Deuce Interview with Valerie Kontakos, director of documentary about Chelly Wilson (Jewish Renaissance, Autumn 2023)

Three Minutes: A Lengthening Interview with Bianca Stigter (Jewish Renaissance, Winter 2023)

Love In The Time Of Coronavirus (HuffPost, 15 March 2020)

All About Alice
Profile of Alice Shalvi
(Jewish Quarterly, Autumn 2018)

What's it really like to have your first baby in your 50s?
(The Telegraph, 20 August 2015)

Is 50 Too Old To Have A Baby?
(Woman's Weekly, 26 May 2015)

Late Motherhood: having a baby over 50 has been magical
(The Times, 24 March 2015)

Dressed to Thrill
Interview with Sandy Powell
(The Quarterly, November 2012)

Why I'm having my first baby at 51
(The Guardian, 10 November 2012)

Stitches in time: Sandy Powell's Oscar-winning costumes 
(The Guardian, 18 October 2012)

My Father, The Radio Rabbi, Master of the 'God Slot'
(The Jewish Chronicle, 28 September 2010)

Looking Closely: Marti Friedlander
(Jewish Quarterly, Winter 2009/10) 

Vanilla Beeb
(Index on Censorship, June 2009)

Rabbis’ Daughters
(JBooks, Spring 2007)

Under the Cover of The New Yorker 
(BBC News website, 28 April 2006)

Inside the Temple of Times Square
(The Telegraph, 27 April 2006)

Bagels & Bongos
(Jewish Quarterly, Winter 2005/6)

Outwitting History
By Aaron Lansky
(The Times, 26 February 2005)

Miriam Rothschild
(Jewish Quarterly, Spring 2004)

David Bohm & Group Dialogue
(Jewish Quarterly, Autumn 2003)

Days of Awe
(Jewish Quarterly, Spring 2003)

Who’s Sorry Now
By Howard Jacobson
(Jewish Quarterly, Summer 2002)